Welcome TheKula lighting. This page  is dedicated to lamps manufactured by  Industrias fase S.A. of Madrid (1964 – 1980’s). I am the leading specialist in the acquisition of ‘fase’ lamps in the UK. All other lighting can be found on ETC. page

Sought after by interior decorators and film directors alike the lamps from the Spanish manufacturer ‘fase’ are absolutely gorgeous, deliciously stylish and wonderfully solid … click here for a little more information. ‘fase‘ produced some serious lighting between 1964 to the late 1970’s and it is in these I specialise.  I have deliveries from Spain four times a year … if there is a particular lamp you are interested in acquiring let me know, I have scouts.

‘fase’ lamps are beautiful but not in a soft feminine way, but in a loud, slightly obtrusive way … fabulous!